We have now moved to bigger and brighter premises in Carrer Nancy so we now have even more room for our wonderful collection of items for sale. If you think of a ‘charity shop’ – you will probably think of a small, possibly scruffy shop with rather tired second-hand clothes and sundry old and unwanted items.

The Original Charity Shop in Javea is completely different. Yes it is staffed by volunteers (70 in total) and has previously owned goods but it is smart and spacious and has a considerable range of high quality new clothes and useful items at bargain prices. It has a remarkable 40 year history and has donated more than 134,000 euro over the last three years to deserving ‘causes’.




We also offer a selling service, see our Terms and Conditions page for more information. The shop is open from 10am until 1pm Monday to Saturday and has approximately 12 staff each day (of all nationalities). Numerous awards have been received by the shop. 

We celebrated our 40th Anniversary in 2011. 40 years as a Registered Charity (3586) but our fund raising activities actually started way back in 1964 on a Naya somewhere in Javea. The first shop opened its doors in the Javea port area, and then moved to Javea Park where two shops were opened and then after running out of space, in 2007 we moved into our present premises.


Our Aims- To raise funds to aid worthy causes and charities.
In 2011 we donated an amazing 66,000 euro in total. Over the last ten years alone we have donated 439,000 euro so imagine what we have achieved over 40 years. Quite rightly, we are very proud of ourselves. We very much appreciate that we could not do all of this without our clients and customers. Of course, none of this would happen without our voluntary staff, some 70 plus now, of all nationalities. We are also proud of the fact that not one of us takes a wage or even claims expenses! 

Our donations throughout these years have been many and varied, large and small. For more information on where our cash goes, please visit our our donations page.