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Let's block #BorisJohnson's Brexit. Join in now to stop his drive to a no-deal car crash: https://fb.avaaz.org/campaign/en/no_hard_brexit_loc/?wKyDMlb

Theresa May MP: Launch a public inquiry into the #DeniedMyVote scandal - Sign the Petition! http://chng.it/ZjvmVnHQ via @change_es

Our supporters have sent over 10,000 emails overnight to party leaders. Keep up the pressure, sign this petition and send an email! ✍🏼



Georgina Harvey among six UK nationals in Spain named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List http://www.theleader.info/2019/06/09/president-of-the-original-charity-shop-and-library-georgina-harvey-is-among-six-uk-nationals-in-spain-named-in-the-queens-birthday-honours-list/ via @leadernewspaper

JAVEA’S Original Charity Shop & Library presented the Red Cross Refugee Appeal with a cheque for €1,000 in Dec 17. Sandy Tsalikidis expressed her thanks: “Please thank all your volunteers for the splendid work they do for everyone in the community what would we do without you?”

As you are all aware, we took the decision to donate our takings from Thursday 8th March, being International Women’s Day, to help pay towards psychological support for Mistreated women in our area. We are delighted to tell you that with your support, we donated 650 euro.

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