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If you bringing items in to sell on commission - for safety reasons, it will be necessary to TELEPHONE FOR AN APPOINTMENT on 966460803
each appointment will have a 15-minute time slot, so do not be late and miss it!

Can you help out a few hours a week? Call into the shop or email
We are also looking for someone to work as a cashier.

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Dear all,
I know many of you have been following the latest information regarding the process for applying for a TIE in Spain. The Spanish authorities have now published their FAQs in English which clarifies the process for new applicants and anyone who wishes to transfer their green card/certificate for a new TIE:

As you are aware, it is not obligatory to change the green card/certificate for a TIE. However, the local authorities in Alicante did ask me to pass on the information that they currently have a lot of appointments available should anyone wish to take advantage and swap the document now. New applications are being handled by a different department, so the police officers in Alicante are dedicated to issuing TIE cards and there is currently availability for appointments from one day to the next.

They also provided the information below ( in Spanish but fairly self-explanatory) about what is required in Alicante to carry out the swap from the green card/certificate to the TIE.

For the Alicante province, the appointments are only available in Alicante city, the authorities do not currently plan to open up in Denia, Benidorm, Torrevieja or any of the other police stations.

In addition, the Babelia Association is now fully up and running and available to give advice to anyone who needs help with applying for residency for the first time, and they can also give additional support to those who are more vulnerable. They cover the whole of the Alicante province. To contact them, please visit their website here:

Kind regards,

Vice Consul and Team Leader | Alicante
British Consulate Alicante | Rambla Méndez Núñez 28, 6th floor | 03002 | Alicante | Spain

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Let's block #BorisJohnson's Brexit. Join in now to stop his drive to a no-deal car crash:

Theresa May MP: Launch a public inquiry into the #DeniedMyVote scandal - Sign the Petition! via @change_es

Our supporters have sent over 10,000 emails overnight to party leaders. Keep up the pressure, sign this petition and send an email! ✍🏼


Georgina Harvey among six UK nationals in Spain named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List via @leadernewspaper

JAVEA’S Original Charity Shop & Library presented the Red Cross Refugee Appeal with a cheque for €1,000 in Dec 17. Sandy Tsalikidis expressed her thanks: “Please thank all your volunteers for the splendid work they do for everyone in the community what would we do without you?”

As you are all aware, we took the decision to donate our takings from Thursday 8th March, being International Women’s Day, to help pay towards psychological support for Mistreated women in our area. We are delighted to tell you that with your support, we donated 650 euro.

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