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Just received this via text from a NO10 contact
“PM can be heard rambling this morning, he is as white as a ghost”
DRIP💧 #BorisResign

@csibike1 @richardlloyd That is precisely why news about the party was leaked - to cause an immense uproar, enrage the masses and make them focus on this one single issue.

It's a classic case of diverting attention, of distracting people, and of implementing fascist policies whilst no-one is looking.

@richardlloyd Horrific that No.10 partird while families mourned. BUT, watch out people!
the #PCSCBill, Immigration and Borders Bill are being pushed through Parliament! Please, check out Liberty!
We won’t be able to #protest. We can’t help desperate ppl and Courts can’t #HoldThemToAccunt

@richardlloyd @JamesKAArcher Simon Case was there but will be investigating if it happened and if rules broken, sounds straight out of the Thick of it

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