Donation to Cruz Roja Ambulancia Para Javea

Cruz Roja Ambulancia para Javea Appeal

A cheque for 5000 euro was presented to the Cruz Roja – Javea towards the Ambulancia para Javea Appeal by committee members of The Original Charity Shop and Library.


Today Javea Red Cross “opened its doors” to showcase the valuable services it provides to communities in the area. At its headquarters in one of the historic buildings situated in the centre of the Old Town, staff and volunteers provided a heart warming presentation to illustrate the breadth of support the Red Cross provides to local individuals and families.

Red Cross explained that they assist the unemployed with job applications and cv writing, and provide transport for the frail, elderly and disabled to visit doctors and hospitals. They monitor the emergency buttons for the frail living alone. They are the lifeguards on the beach and they man the rescue boats as well as assisting the children of the families in need with their homework and give them an evening snack. 

In particular the group were moved to see the makeup and distribution of food parcels by the Red Cross team to those in Javea who continue to suffer hardship as a result of the downturn in the economy.

The unexpected highlight of the morning arrived in the form of a cheque for 5000 euros donated by the Original Charity Shop. This was gratefully received by The President Jose Luis Domenach. The donation will go towards  the fund set up to purchase a replacement for specially adapted vehicle with wheelchair access and electric lift. The present vehicle provides a valuable service to those in the community with impaired mobility but it now needs to be retired and replaced by a vehicle with improved adaptations for wheelchair users.  

The event was facilitated by Sandy Tsalikidis Edwards and attended by agencies such as Blu, Grant a Wish and the Original Charity Shop Javea.  All attendees reported that the event was well worth while.  

If you or your organisation would like to see for yourself the tireless efforts of your local Red Cross Team or make a donation to help fund the services they provide, please contact Sandy as follows:  

Email:       ambulanciaparajavea@live.com

Tel:            626 681 720


The next fundraiser will be on Saturday, 14 February