Each Christmas The Original Charity Shop and Library, along with Santa, visit Raquel Paya School for the disabled in Denia to provide each child a lovely, wanted gift along with some much needed equipment. Each year members of staff attend this wonderful event and always leave feeling happy. Last year Estelle and Des Smith from Barx, friends of our President, attended this event and were so impressed that they determined to raise some money personally for the school. So, they arranged a ‘Safari Supper’ in their home village, the starter, main course, dessert and coffee were supplied at four different homes; an auction, and various other games took place, for instance a duck race in the swimming pool. Thanks to the generosity of the people who attended and paid for the pleasure a total of 1700 euros was raised for this wonderful school. The Original Charity Shop and Library were happy to make this up to 2000 euros – what a wonderful way to raise much needed funding.