Latest fundraiser information from Keira’s Mummy

“On November 12th at around mid-night I will be shaving my hair off to raise money to pay for my amazing daughter Keira’s next round of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) and Intensive therasuit therapy.  We have been doing these therapies for 4 years now and the outcome is amazing.  Keira was starved of oxygen at birth and as a result suffered severe H.I.E (hypoxic eschemic encephalopathy) which resulted in Cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Keira cannot walk (yet) but is the most determined little girl in the world.

We will be attending Believe therapy in Winterpark , Orlando Florida to do a 3 week intensive 4 hour a day therasuit therapy and also Central Florida hyperbarics Winterpark Orlando Florida.  We have worked with both in the past and are looking forward to doing so again.  Therapy will start on 31st August 2015.  Alltogether we hope to raise a total of 15,000 to cover the costs of both therapies, flights and accomodation for the 3 weeks we are there.

Please help us get closer to our set goal.  Keira has a facebook page called Therapy for Keira/Terapia para Keira please feel free to check out just how awesome my little girl is.”

An update from Keira’s family, December 2013

“I just wanted to fill you in on how well Miss Keira did on her therapy this past November. We are very impressed with the centre that she attended and will most definately be going back!! Since being back Keira has seen both her normal therapists and both are very impressed with her progress!! She is trying to use her left hand much more and has much better balance and her steps are getting better as are her involuntery muscle spasms!!

Thank you so much for being a part of this, without your donation it would not be possible.
Much love to you all and have a very merry christmas xxx
Alvarez Turner family


We donated the 600 euro for accommodation for the three and half weeks whilst Keira receives her therapy and adding another 400 euros for any little extras that may arise whilst there.


Keira suffered birth trauma due to a placental abruption, she was still born and it took the doctors 15 mins to ressusitate her and 2 shots of adrenaline. Keira was in nicu (intensive care) for 5 weeks, from the age of 24 hours Keira started developing seizures, which she still has. Keira now has spastic athetoid quadriplejic cerebral palsy and epilepsy.
From the age of 6 months Keira has been doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy weekly, her therapists are amazed at her ability to learn and her patience when doing so. For the past 2 years we have been doing intensive therrasuit therapy with her and we can see a marked improvement in her progress – both motor skills and cognitive. Keira’s weekly therapists are also very confident about these therapies and have seen vast improvements.
Before Keira’s first intensive therapy (age 2) she was unable to sit unaided and was just mastering how to roll over. Keira can now sit unaided and is also able to play on her own or with her little brother, this was an unthinkable task before the therapy. She is also now able to crawl (bunny hop) which gives her the freedom she needs to explore. Keira is now at a stage where she wants to stand up and climb. We feel that with alot of dedication with these therapies Keira will achieve her goal of standing and also hopefully walk one day.
Unfortunately these therapies are very expensive and not funded for. We are planning on doing a 40 dive session of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) then straight after do a 3 week session of intensive therrasuit therapy. We plan on doing this in Florida at Innovative childrens therapy as they are right next door to the HBOT therapy and there is a Ronald Macdonald house nearby for accommodation.
A message from Keira’s Mum, Deborah
“WOW!! SIMPLY have no words right now. Thank you so so much for this. We feel so blessed to have met such wonderful people that are willing to help our Keira! She really is worth every penny. Thank you all once again you REALLY have saved the day for us and we will be eternally grateful xxx”