Terms and Conditions




Goods are accepted for sale for the client at the client’s own risk. The Original Charity Shop cannot be held responsible for missing items. You are required to sign a disclaimer card stating that you understand this rule.

A donation, which goes to charity, is 30% of the sale price – you receive 70% of the agreed price.

You may bring in a maximum of 8 items for sale a week and the minimum amount allowed on one sheet is 10 euros. The minimum price of items for sale is 4 euros, mixed items cannot be put together to make up the value. All items are put on sale for 28 DAYS. Items not sold during that period and which have not been reclaimed become the property of the Original Charity Shop and all money raised by their eventual sale goes directly to charity. You may reclaim any item within the 28 days or reduce the price. Goods cannot be entered for a further 28 days. We take in items from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 12.30 pm.

The receipt is important and must be produced to claim your payment – pay out days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12.  Any money due is kept for six months from the date of sale, any unclaimed sums will be added to our charitable funds.


Must be clean, modern and in good condition. Underwear and shoes are only accepted if brand new. (We do not accept children’s clothes for sale but we can take them as donations and pass them on).

Household goods

Linen, curtains, china, glass, ornaments etc must be clean and undamaged. We do not accept DVDs or CDs for sale but donations are passed on to the library. Computer games will only be accepted with a games console.

Electrical goods, clocks and watches must be in working order and have either a Spanish plug or live batteries installed. These goods are accepted on trust and on condition that they are in perfect working order. When one of these items is sold and paid for, the buyer is given THREE full working days to try it at home. If he or she experiences any problem, it can be returned to the shop and the buyer will receive a full refund of the purchase price. WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCORRECT ACTION PERFORMED BY THE BUYER DURING THESE THREE DAYS. If you do not agree with this procedure, we cannot accept your item for sale on commission.

Small pieces of furniture are accepted if we have available space.

Articles we do not accept for sale

Rugs and carpets.
Video players of cassettes.
Articles that need professionally installing e.g. gas boilers.

Printers or fax machines.

Ladies’ denim jeans.

Men’s suits.

Skis, ski boots and one piece ski suits

Christmas trees, second hand decorations or lights.

Please note – due to space restriction, it may be necessary to turn away items when the shop is full.

All helpers in the charity shop and library are unpaid volunteers.